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Trello alone isn't enough to run an agile project

Your project is in Trello and your team are diligently moving cards from left to right. The problem is there’s no easy way to answer simple questions like how many bugs are open at the moment? how's the current sprint going? or when will the current release be completed? Never mind getting all that tracked historically so you can see trends as they develop.

You could move your team to another project management tool to get the data you need. But wouldn't it be better if you could get the charts and analysis you need without the time, upset and risk of moving people to another tool?

Corrello gives you the high level view Trello is missing

Corrello has transformed Trello from a delightful way to organize work into a powerful agile project management tool. With Corrello's seamlessly integrated charts and analysis we can easily track the progress of all of our teams and projects. If you are using Trello to manage any Scrum, Kanban or other agile process, get Corrello now. You are flying blind without it.

- Chris Brookins

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