Dashboards for Scrum teams using Trello

Burndown charts, release burnups and more. Corrello gives Scrum teams using Trello all the charts and analysis your Trello boards are missing right now.

Burndown chart

Corrello's sprint burndown chart is always up to date and visible anywhere. You can also install the Corrello Powerup and view your burndown charts directly in your Trello boards.

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Release burnup chart

When will you complete your current release? What about the next one? Corrello gives you forecasts based on your current velocity. We also highlight where future releases need estimating (for teams estimating their cards).

Keep on top of the day to day changes
Corrello gives you counts of open bugs, cards in progress or anything else important to you both at an overall level and broken down by board or member. And, you can get an at a glance overview of recent changes on your boards to see who's done what.

Get the clear picture of how your team is performing
Corrello works with the majority of Trello Scrum boards without needing to make any changes to how you work. Create your first dashboard now and get a Burndown chart for your current sprint and all the other information you are after. Forget digging through Trello trying to find the cards you should worry about, or not knowing if your project is about to head off a cliff.

Some of our happy customers

Here at Spotify, I have been using Corrello to gather insights on the workflow of the network operations team for the last couple of months. The team uses Trello to track their work, and though it is easy to use and is a powerful tool, we lacked a way to gather insights from our workflow. Corrello filled this need nicely.

- Mattias Jansson, Agile coach

At OVO Energy we want to see highly efficient teams delivering code to production. Corrello gives engineers visibility of their process and workflow so they can pinpoint and investigate problems meaning they can deliver, deliver, deliver!

- Karim Rashad

See a dashboard with your data now

All plans come with a 14 day free trial, no credit card required upfront. Connect Corrello to your Trello account and create your first dashboard in less than a minute.