WIP limits for Trello

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About WIP limits

Setting Work In Progress (WIP) limits on your lists in Trello is a key part of any Kanban work flow. By setting a WIP limit on their lists Kanban teams limit the amount of work which can be in that list at any time. Before the team wants to pull more work into that list they need to move something else out!

Corrello allows you to set WIP limits for the lists on your boards and gives you a warning when the WIP limit is reached or breached.

Setting up your WIP Limits

To set the WIP limits for your lists simply

  1. Open the Agile Tools Power-Up settings from the Power-Ups menu on your Trello board
  2. Click on the 'Setup WIP limits' button
  3. Set the number of cards allowed per list, or use numbers in []'s in list titles if you prefer
  4. Click Save and you're Done! Make sure everyone else has the Agile Tools Power-Up installed so they see the same limits

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